Geek Trek~ Encounters in a strange world

Hi and welcome to my blog.

I’ve been attending Sci-Fi conventions (of various types) since 1988. Mostly film fairs and exhibitions. My first ‘proper’ con was a Doctor Who event in Guildford in 1990. Sophie Aldred and Fraser Hines were the guests. I didn’t really go for me, but more for my brother who is a big fan. I have always been more of a Trekkie than a Whovian. He was 13, and me being the big brother took him along.

Initially, I used to go to events to buy merchandise for my collection, but then a good friend convinced me to go to the US with him and another friend, to attend a con run by a friend of his. We ended up going back to this same event year after year, becoming more involved each time. It was there that I was bitten by the autograph collecting bug. I met my first Star Trek actors and realised how much I enjoyed meeting them, and in some cases, getting to know them. Since then I have met many actors and actresses from a wide range of different TV shows and movies. It is my intention to bring to you my experiences, both the good and bad.

I also have a love for musicals, both stage and screen so I am a musicals geek as well. My favourite is Les Miserables but I also like West Side Story, Joseph and many others. 

Over time I’m going to blog about all the various events I attend. The main foci will be Star Trek/Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Conventions and meeting the actors, but I will also blog about anything else from the world of Geek as well as anything Les Mis and musical related.

Please Note: These are my views and opinions and mine alone.

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