December 2017~ The Last Jedi

I’ve managed to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi quite a few times since release. The film has divided the Star Wars fanbase. The Force Awakens was criticised for being too similar to past movies. Director Rian Johnson dared to go where no one has gone before and actually make a film that was very different from the rest. Sure, it had the things we expect from a Star Wars film such as space battles, lightsaber fights, droids etc. But the direction he took for some of the characters upset many fans.

I want to address just a few key points.

Beware: Spoilers below photo.


  1. Snoke- For me, it was good to see that Snoke was not that important to the storyline, otherwise he would just be a rehash of the Emperor/Darth Sidious. We also finally get to see an apprentice kill his master which is typical of the Sith.
  2. Leia- This is Carrie’s final performance as Leia due to her untimely death. I enjoyed watching Leia prepare Poe for leadership and hope for a fitting ending for Leia. Many people are upset by the Mary Poppins scene where Leia is blown out into space and survives by using the force to pull herself back to the ship. This isn’t the first time this has been used. Kanan and Plo-Koon (I think?) both used this skill and although Leia isn’t a Jedi, she is force sensitive and a Skywalker.
  3. Porgs- I have no issue with Porgs. They were a great solution to the problem of trying to digitally remove the thousands of puffins that inhabit Skellig Michael. Plus they were great comic relief!
  4. Canto Bight- Many people hated this. I don’t understand why. It showed the disparity in the Star Wars galaxy between the poor, downtrodden citizens and those that are profiting from the conflict itself. A situation true to most wars I would imagine.
  5. Luke- This was the best end for Luke. No longer was he the naive young farmboy, or the slightly cocky wannabe Jedi or the Jedi Knight he became in RotJ. He saw the truth that was the arrogance of the Jedi Order. He failed his own padawan (in his eyes) by believing he was too weak to resist the dark side. Like Yoda and others before him, he went into exile, withdrawing from the Force. Only when Rey appeared did he begin to doubt everything he had done. He was torn between believing that the Jedi needed to end and helping his twin sister. In our world where mental health has such a huge focus this was a good way to show that everyone, including powerful Jedi masters, are susceptible to issues such as depression and low self-confidence.

Anyway, that’s my take on it. I loved the film and can’t wait for Episode IX and the Han Solo movie. Roll on May 25th!