May 2018~ Solo: A Star Wars Story


Solo: A Star Wars Story is the second stand-alone movie to be released as part of the expanded SW universe, the first being Rogue One.

The film is set 10-15 years prior to the events of the first Star Wars film and tells the story of a young Han Solo and how he escaped his home planet of Corellia, met up with Chewbacca, won the Millennium Falcon and became the legend we all know.


The film suffered a few setbacks, namely a change in director as Lucasfilm felt that the original directors were turning it into too much of a comedy. Ron Howard was brought in to fix it and did an outstanding job!


If you are expecting a traditional Star Wars film then you are in for a shock and a pleasent surprise at the same time. The best way I can describe it is Star Wars meets The Italian Job. There is just enough comedy without going OTT and the story is fun. Its not mind-altering but a good, fun romp with enough easter eggs (35 at last count I believe) to keep the most ardent Star Wars fan happy.


Alden Ehrenreich had big shoes to fill as the young Han and he did an amazing job. He didn’t try to copy Harrison Ford but got just enough of Han’s quirks/mannerisms down pat and managed to make the character his own.


Donald Glover was awesome as the younger Lando Calrissian. He brought an air of sophistication and cockiness to the role made famous by Billy Dee Williams.


Emilia Clarke stood out as brand new character Qi’ra, Han’s childhood friend from Corellia. No spoilers, but for me she was the most interesting character with the most development. Not JUST because its Emilia as some of my friends would have you believe!


Ignore the critics! They’ve never liked Star Wars. Go with your head and heart open and enjoy the film as its a great little addition to the Star Wars universe!!

PS: If you go to Odeon you can pick up an awesome set of Sabacc-style character cards!

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May 2018~ Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom @KingsCross

The fifth film in the Jurassic Park franchise (and second of the new trilogy), Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom is due for release in early June. Set three years after the exploits of Jurassic World, it tells the story of the fight to save the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar from a second Extinction Level Event.

In the weeks before, a number of promotional events took place throughout the UK involving a large T-Rex, Blue the Raptor and a Jurassic World gyrosphere. Limited edition posters were also being handed out.

UPDATE:  (Mini spoiler-free review!)

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom itself is awesome. In my opinion its the best one since the original back in 1993 and I LOVED Jurassic World- once again lots of hidden easter eggs and call backs to the earlier movies. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard once again steal the show and it leaves the options open nicely for what will be the final film of the new trilogy in as few years time.

Photos below!