June 2015- Collectormania 23

It was back to Stadium:MK for what many people believe to be the last Collectormania in MK. To be honest, I’m kinda glad. Personally, I don’t think the stadium is suitable. For the first time in a while I had my brother and his family with me. He is disabled and had great difficulty in getting around and with the photoshoots upstairs he was even more put off.

Whilst I managed to see a few guests and get some signatures on my various canvases, for me, the most fun was had watching my niece and nephews in costume. My nephew Charlie was dressed as Darth Vader, and once he had the mask on he thought he ruled the place. Even England footballer Jack Charlton had to get out of his way. My niece Jessica was dressed as Elsa and loved seeing the other Frozen cosplayers. Little Lewis was dressed as Captain America and flatly refused to have his photo taken with a rather attractive Agent Carter cosplayer. Will have to teach him!!

The rain, the building works and the incompetence of Stadium:MK staff led to a not so pleasant time for my brother and the family. CM:MK needs a rethink!

May 2014~ Collectormania 21

I wasn’t planning to attend this time around as it normally means staying over and lots of cabs etc.

However, someone I know was announced as a guest, and as I was the one who suggested he hits the con circuit and I built his website I thought I should put in an appearance.

Whilst there my plan was to meet a number of Game of Thrones guests, plus a Star Trek guest. I also decided last minute to meet two others; one from The Walking Dead and the other Doctor Who.

My first port of call was to go and see DeObia Oparei. I initially met DeObia when he came to work at our school for a short while and ended up helping me with our production of West Side Story. He seemed to be enjoying himself and we had a good chat. Funnily enough, he was sat next to Noel Clarke of Doctor Who fame, who was an ex-pupil of our school and at one time was DeObia’s personal trainer before the acting bug bit!

Next up was to get some more signatures on my Game of Thrones canvas. It now has the following names on it:

Mark Stanley- Grenn
Luke Barnes- Rast
Alfie Alan- Theon Greyjoy
Charles Dance- Tywin Lannister
Gethin Anthony- Renly Baratheon
Nonso Anozie- Xaro Xhoan Daxos
Dominic Carter- Janos Slynt
Anton Lesser- Qyburn
Ross Mullan- Whitewalker
Joseph Gatt- Thenn Warg
Noah Taylor- Locke

Once finished, I headed over to meet Robert Beltran, who played Chakotay in Star Trek: Voyager, followed by Jeff Kober who has appeared in many shows including Buffy, Trek and The Walking Dead. Finally I went to meet Ingrid Oliver who appeared in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.

Overall it was a very quiet Sunday and this made the guests very relaxed! I like the fact that Showmasters are using more space at Stadium:MK. It made it much nicer!

Roll on LFCC 2014!

May 2013~ Collectormania 19

My first visit to CM:MK for a couple of years and I had my brother Steve, Sister-In-Law Clare, niece Jessica and nephews Charlie and Lewis. It was Lewis’ first event at aged 8 months!

Lots of improvements had been made since my last visit.

Again, wonderful cosplays (including my niece and nephew) and great guests!

Charles Dance, Alfie Allan, Gethin Anthony, Mark Stanley, Ellie Kendrick and Luke Barnes, all from Game of Thrones. Henry Ian Cusick from LOST, John Rhys Davies from films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Lord of the Rings, Torri Higginson from Stargate Atlantis and Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who.

One big step for my niece was her going up to get her first autograph by herself….a big step for her, She met Jenna Coleman and, being a big Doctor Who fan, she was very happy! We were so proud! (sorry about the blurred pic!)

Plus, the best father/son cosplay I have EVER seen. Dr Henry Jones Sr and Jr!


June 2009~ Collectormania 15

One of the best CMs for a long time.

There were many great guests to choose from, but financially I could not meet all the ones I would like to so I had to choose carefully….

First came Avery Brooks, from Star Trek:DS9. Such a lovely dude even though he seemed a bit spaced out. Nathan Fillion from Firefly, another fan favourite. Ben Browder and Tony Amendola, both from Stargate…all lovely people!

There was one man I HAD to meet. A big favourite of mine from the original Star Trek. The one and only Leonard Nimoy! He was an absolute honour to meet and would not be rushed. Would love to meet him again…

May 2008~ Collectormania 13

It  was around now that Collectormania started to outgrow the shopping centre.

There were at least 48 guests this year! A fair few were regulars and fan favourites from Star Wars, Red Dwarf etc. The cast of Torchwood played a big part too.

There was no real main draw for me this time.


I met Tawny Cypress from Heroes , Connor Trineer from Enterprise, Bruce Boxleitner from Babylon 5.


The funniest moment was meeting Natalia Tena who played Tonks in the Harry Potter films. In her words she had “been out on a bender” the previous night and had a mad hangover. She was fun though and a pleasure to meet.

May 2007~ Collectormania 11

I was only able to attend one day of this event. Was saving money for the big Star Wars event 2 months after. But, there were a few people I just had to meet!

First up was Grace Park who plays Sharon Valerii (Boomer/Athena) in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. She was lovely and very friendly, unlike her agent!

Then came Anthony Montgomery who plays Ensign Travis Mayweather in Star Trek: Enterprise. A friendly but very humble guy and a pleasure to talk to.

Finally I met Rene Auberjonois who played Odo in Star Trek: DS9. Like his fellow Trek actor Anthony, he was a lovely guy who was also collecting for his charity, Doctors Without Borders. I was happy to donate!

October 2006~ Collectormania 10

After finishing Summer Camp in the summer of 2006 I decided (after much nagging from various people) to watch LOST.

I was hooked (I even loved the finale a few years later!) Luckily enough CM10 was just around the corner and they had a couple of LOST guests in attendance.

First was Maggie Grace who played Shannon. A VERY lovely lady and being first in the line, was lucky enough to get a photo.


Next to her was Ian Somerhalder, who played her on-screen brother, Boone. He was a nice fella too.

Also in attendance were Lance Henriksen of Aliens and Millennium, Megan Gallagher, also from Millennium, Jeremy Bulloch who played Boba Fett in Star Wars and Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters.