April 2013- Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode filming

Woke up one morning during the Easter break. Logged on to a Doctor Who forum to find they were filming in Trafalgar Square so I grabbed my camera and off I went…I got dressed first of course!

When I arrived the area was packed but I managed to get up close and get lots of pictures. Can’t tell much about the story as it was one scene they shot over and over again. Photos below.

February 2009- Pinewood Studios Tour

I work in a school. One of the parents of a child in our nursery worked in the film industry. Her father  was film producer Elliott Kastner and her half-brother is actor Cary Elwes. Her father was based at Pinewood and she herself had worked on a number of Bond Movies. She knew of my interest and offered to take me and a friend on a tour of the studios.

We met during February half term. Saw the sets (both internal and external) for many of the early Bond sets, the Bond stage itself and many other areas. They were also building the set of Godric’s Hollow for the last two Harry Potter films.

All in all a great day and very very interesting!!