July 2016~ London Film & Comic Con 2016

LFCC has not been great the past few years (see previous posts) and I was wary about attending but nevertheless volunteered to help on the USS Iceni stand to raise money for charity.

It seems Showmasters have finally listened! The layout this year was so much better than in previous years. They had actually hired the whole of the venue it seemed and whilst it took a while to get from A to B sometimes, it actually helped a lot.

I wasn’t really going to see celebs this year. Normally I see around 20. I had initially had 8 to see over a weekend but this quickly became 9 when the announced a young actress from a great new show called Stranger Things. I won’t go into what the show is about on here but I suggest you check it out for yourself. If you like the 1980s, ET, The Goonies, Stand By Me and Stephen King then this show is for you. All the kid actors were great but Millie Bobby Brown, who played Eleven stole the show. I’ve worked with kids for nearly 30 years and don’t normally get phased by them but her performance freaked me out. There has to be an award somewhere in her future and I really hope the show gets a second season. As for how she handled the convention itself well all I can say is that Millie did a better job at the event than some big, A-List celebs I could mention. She took time to interact and was doing awesome poses in the photoshoot. A lot of big names and regular con guests could learn a lot from her. I must meet the rest of the cast now. Hope they get invited!

There was some awesome cosplay on display as usual (pics below) and a really good exhibition of costumes from Suicide Squad.

Overall it was a great event. I ended up meeting Jack Gleeson (Joffrey in GoT), Fay Marsay (The Waif in GoT), Kae Alexander (Leaf in GoT),  Michael Emerson (Ben in LOST), Laurie Holden (Andrea in TWD), Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal and Galen Erso in Star Wars: Rogue One), Harold Perrineau (Michael in LOST), Millie of course and finally, the biggest let down of the weekend, Famke Jansen. I heard many conflicting reason as to why she seemed so grumpy but her photoshoot was a waste of money. As an actress surely you can act happy!

Anyway, photos below!




September 2007~ LFCC

A new show had hit the air! Heroes!

Showmasters pulled a coup and managed to get a number of top cast members. Also present were some cast members from LOST as well as Patrick Stewart. It was to be the first of many stupidly busy events! I didn’t get the chance to meet Sir Pat but would remedy that a few years later!

First up was Hayden Panetierre who plays Claire in Heroes. I also met Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia but couldn’t get photos for all 3!

Next I met William Mapother (Ethan Rom) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace) from LOST. Both were great guys who wanted to hear all the fan theories on the show.

October 2006~ Collectormania 10

After finishing Summer Camp in the summer of 2006 I decided (after much nagging from various people) to watch LOST.

I was hooked (I even loved the finale a few years later!) Luckily enough CM10 was just around the corner and they had a couple of LOST guests in attendance.

First was Maggie Grace who played Shannon. A VERY lovely lady and being first in the line, was lucky enough to get a photo.


Next to her was Ian Somerhalder, who played her on-screen brother, Boone. He was a nice fella too.

Also in attendance were Lance Henriksen of Aliens and Millennium, Megan Gallagher, also from Millennium, Jeremy Bulloch who played Boba Fett in Star Wars and Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters.