August 2016~ Harrod’s Star Wars Gallery


I heard from a mate that Harrods had a special Star Wars gallery open for the month of August. It wasn’t well publicised because the exhibit, run by Propworx, was aimed at those people who could afford for buy hi-end props and sets, and I do mean hi-end!! Luckily it was open to everyone if you knew where to look.

The entrance was hidden behind a black door next to the statue of Rey in the Harrods Disney Store. Only 10 people were allowed in at a time and we had a very knowledgable guide to talk us through everything.

Everything below in the photos was for sale…..if you could afford it!

Note: Hologram images were photoshopped in afterwards.


February 2015~ Game of Thrones: The Exhibition

At the end of January, Sky Atlantic announced that the Game of Thrones travelling exhibition would finally be coming to London for 8 days in February, but tickets would only be available to Sky customers. I managed to get tickets after a major hiccup with the Sky website.

On Tuesday 17th February, myself and my friends Mags, Suvi and Martin headed off for the O2 by boat. It was a good experience, but I’m glad it was free as I wouldn’t pay for something that brief.

The main part of the exhibition consisted of viewing a variety of props and costumes of main characters in season 4 of the show. There were a few interactive opportunities, including being burnt to death by a dragon, being turned into a white walker and climbing the wall (this was so busy that we passed it by….over an hours wait). There were also a couple of chances to sit in the Iron Throne and have your photo taken.

There were also a couple of cosplayers wandering around too.

October 2010- The Bond Museum

On one of my many visits to The Lake District my friends and I decided to pay a visit to The Bond Museum in Keswick.

The museum was located in an old warehouse at the far end of Keswick. Its owner has purchased vehicles, props and costumes from all the Bond films since Dr. No.

Whilst it was good seeing these iconic vehicles and weapons, it was VERY cramped and could have worked much better if it was spaced out and more information was provided as to what each artifact was. As with all museums the trip ends up in an overpriced shop. Also felt the cost of admission was a bit steep at £9.

Note: The museum closed in 2011

December 2002- Star Trek: The Adventure~ Hyde Park

I managed to have a couple of days off from looking after my mum when Star Trek: The Adventure came to London.


Star Trek: The Adventure was a traveling museum exhibit  that showcased over $30 million worth of Star Trek memorabilia, props, models, costumes and set mock-ups, including the USS Enterprise bridge and the Enterprise NX-01 armory.

The exhibition opened in Hyde Park, London on 18 December 2002, to coincide with the British premiere of Star Trek Nemesis. The attraction hosted the after-show party, attended by the cast. The exhibition closed in April 2003, having received over 100,000 visitors. It was then moved to Singapore.

I went once with my dad (who was living in Brixton and I hadn’t seen for a while) and the second time with my brother and future sister-in-law.


I really enjoyed it and liked seeing all the props etc. but was disappointed at the fact that you couldn’t take pictures.