November 2016~ FCD Out Of The Ashes 1.5

After the success of 1.0, fans asked for an event nearer to Christmas. It didn’t have to have guests, it was just a way of getting everyone together for a party. It also happens that David, one of the bosses at FCD would be celebrating a big birthday around the same time so it was decided to combine the two and so Out Of The Ashes 1.5 The Monster’s Ball was born!

Two guests were invited. John Carrigan who had appeared at 1.0 and Rainbow Sun Francks from Stargate Atlantis. Both guests were amazing and took part in every aspect of the event, from the Friday night’s games, bingo and quizzes through to talks during the Saturday event and then finishing up by joining in the festivities of the Saturday party.

The Saturday event took place in The Langton Suite of The Hilton Leicester. The were a number of dealers stall and about 60ish people in attendance and Steven Cockings from Trekyards was also there with an amazing collection of screen used Stargate props. The were a number of talks by various people, including John and Rainbow. The event ended at around 4.30pm.

The theme for the Saturday party was Monsters (as Halloween had just past). There were around 70 people at the party and great fun was had by all. David and Wil did a live stream from the event announcing the guest lineup for 2.0 in March next year with more guests yet to be announced!


December 2013~ End of a great year!

This post is dedicated to those people I feel privileged to call my friends. The Tex-Mex (or Trek-Mex as its been called) crew.

Shortly after DSTL, those members who live in London decided to get together, my friend Martin was the organiser. I missed the first meeting, but suggested Tequila Tex-Mex for the next meeting and we’ve not looked back since. Even when we do try other places, we still end up there afterwards! Its a great atmosphere and the staff and management are great……a big thanks to them!

We’ve had an amazing year, been through fun times and through sad times but we have always been there for each other, and as this year ends I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of them, but would like to mention a few people who have become very special to me for different reasons. You’ve all helped me this year, one way or the other.

So an extra big THANK YOU goes to Mags, Fudge, Ketan, Mark, Tom, Martin, Tim, Dale, Rosie and Suvi. If you ever need anything…….just holler!

Here is hoping that 2014 is equally as awesome!


September 1992- Star Trek 25th Birthday Party

My friends Mark and Robin and I had a go at starting up a Trek Fanzine. It only lasted a couple of issues but it was a laugh. We decided to take it a step further and hold a Star Trek birthday party in September 1991.


The plan was two-fold. Gain use of the local church hall. Setup one room to watch lots of Trek, which at the time only consisted of the original series, a couple of seasons of TNG and a few movies. Room two would be a room to celebrate all the different Trek memorabilia you could buy. We had managed to get lots of freebies from Titan Books and CBS Home Video who were releasing the series on VHS.


We publicised the event, and quite a few of our friends showed up during the day. It ended with a marathon movie watch with the 3 of us and about 10 others.


It was no convention, but it was a fun way to celebrate the birthday!