August 2018~ The Equalizer 2

Spoiler-ish review so beware!


The Equalizer 2 is the follow-up to the successful 2014 film The Equalizer which was based on the 80s TV show of the same name starring Edward Woodward.

This film marks the first time that Denzel Washington has appeared in a sequel to one of his own films.

Once again, Denzel plays the part of Robert McCall, ex-Marine who helps people who have a problem and no-one to turn to. At the start of the film, McCall helps reconcile a child, who was abducted by her father and taken to Turkey, with her mother and begins to help an old man who was separated from his sister during the holocaust.

Now living in Chicago and employed as a Lyft driver (Like Uber), Robert is helping a young black man, Miles who is on the verge of joining a gang and getting revenge for the death of his brother. Instead, Robert takes him under his wing and guides him towards completing his studies and continuing with his painting. Robert even employs him to do some painting in his apartment complex.

Denzel Washington;Ashton Sanders

Robert’s old friend, Susan Plummer is investigating the murder of an agent and his wife in Brussels with Dave York (Pedro Pascal) who is an old teammate of McCall and believes him dead. Things go wrong during the investigation and Susan is murdered and Miles is kidnapped. Robert sets out to find her killers, rescue Miles and dish out his own personal brand of justice.

It is Denzel’s best sequel yet! 😉 An enjoyable action film that’s not too hard on the brain and captures the essence of both the original show and previous film.  I actually prefer it to the original film as we get more of an insight to the kind of thing Robert does as The Equalizer!

Thanks to Odeon Limitless for the advanced screening!


March 2017~ The Princess Bride 30th Anniversary, 35mm Presentation

Following on from my visit to The Prince Charles Cinema last week, I returned to see a 35mm showing of The Princess Bride which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.


If you haven’t seen The Princess Bride (which is inconceivable) here is a brief summary shamelessly stolen from IMDB:

‘Return to a time when men and swamps were swamps. Fire Swamps, that is. Full of quicksand and Rodents of Unusual Size. Lagoons were inhabited by shrieking eels. And the most beautiful woman in the world was named . . . Buttercup? Well, it’s a bent fairy tale. Complete with all the fencing, chasing, escapes, and silly accents you’d expect. Including such unique folk as Inigo Montoya, who has dreamed his whole life of finding the six-fingered man who killed his father. Fezzik is his enormous sidekick. And Max is the kvetching miracle man. Blonde Buttercup loves Westley, a poor stable boy. But when he’s captured by pirates, she’s chosen by evil Prince Humperdinck to be his princess bride. Along the way, she gets kidnapped, he gets killed. But it all ends up okay.’

With an all-star cast consisting of Carey Elwes, Robin Wright, Andre the Giant, Mandy Patinkin, Peter Falk, a young Fred Savage and more, this film holds up well.


The print itself was very clear and clean. The soundtrack was very clear as well. It is the kind of quality I expect at the PCC.

The matinee showing was sold out. It was good to see people of a similar age to me clearly introducing their own children to this awesome tale.

Robin Wright was as gorgeous as ever in 35mm!


Get to the PCC now if you love cult films! I hope to make the Alien/Aliens double bill in April.c6a496e99d34096f7a62749f87eb3c85

March 2017~ 2001: A Space Odyssey in 70mm

If you have never been to The Prince Charles Cinema before I highly recommend it. Situated just off of Leicester Square, the cinema itself is happily stuck in time. When you visit you will be reminded of how cinemas used to be back in the 70s (if you can remember that far back, or further!). The PCC shows a variety of cult films and the tickets are quite reasonable. £10 annual membership (or £50 lifetime) gets you discounts on all films plus discounts at the kiosks and bar.


Last night I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favourite films on the big screen and in 70mm. It was a first for me with this movie as it came out 4 years before I was born. I’ve only ever seen it on Betamax and then VHS and DVD.

The Prince Charles Cinema showing 2001: A Space Odyssey back in 1968 when it was released.

The film is Stanley Kubrick’s space masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. I’m a huge fan, I’ve read all four books in the series and seen both 2001 and 2010:The Year We Make Contact numerous times. I was so glad to see the cinema offering a showing starting each night at 20:01.


The film was amazing. The special effects had stood the test of time and the physical models looked amazing on screen. The soundtrack was as awesome as ever. The quality of the 70mm print was much better than I expected. Having seen some other 70mm films at the PCC I expected the print to be a bit grainy and possibly discoloured in places with obvious splice-lines etc, but nothing. If it had been restored then the restorer has done a fine job, otherwise it’s been very well looked after.


It was also quite amusing to have an intermission during the movie. Something I’ve not experienced for a very long time.

So as I said, if you like cult films (or even Disney’s Frozen sing-a-long version) then The Prince Charles Cinema is a must!


Follow this link to see what they are showing: The Prince Charles Cinema

September 2016~ Star Trek 50th Anniversary


September 8th 2016 was the date that Trekkies all around the world would be celebrating the 50th birthday of our beloved show. Yes. it means a lot to me and I felt I had to put it into words. I had to say something. It was a fairly long post so I have added it to the end of this page.

People were celebrating in various ways. I was going with 4 amazing friends to The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square. It is known for showing classic, cult movies and for the 50th they had an original, 1982 70mm print of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Prior to watching the film we met for dinner and drinks at TGI Friday’s who had a special green ‘Spocktail’ which was delicious. After a few of those we hit the cinema for an awesome experience. I felt 10 years old again! It was great seeing TWOK back on the big screen at this special time!

Sorry for the dodgy pictures!

FB status below:-

Tomorrow is a very special day for me and many of my friends. I feel I cannot let this day go by without me saying something as it means so much to me.

50 years ago a TV show first aired that changed the lives of many people. Set in space, it was billed as ‘Wagon Train to the stars’ and dealt with many of the current issues at the time such as racism, equality, drug addiction, the cold war and much more. It addressed some serious issues and continued to do so through all of its various iterations.

It told of a future where humans had finally made the journey into space and followed the exploits of a ship and her crew as they explored the galaxy, meeting new alien races and visiting new planets.

That show, of course, is Star Trek. The original series spawned 6 spin-off series (if you count the new Star Trek: Discovery which starts in January), totalling 726 episodes. 13 movies, hundreds of books and comics and a huge amount of merchandise which is too numerous to list!

Many fans of the show, Trekkies or Trekkers (depending on your preference) were drawn to the show for a specific reason and have been fans for a long time. I first saw the show in 1975 and to this day I still get reminded by my dad about how I used to duck when the Enterprise came flying towards me during the opening credits.

I, like many of my friends, have suffered over the years because of our devotion to the show. People make fun of those of us that attend cons, collect memorabilia, meet the stars and so on and are quite often told to grow up.


We have found something we enjoy and which means so much to us. What is the difference between what we do and say someone who collects stamps or follows a particular football team and spends money on kits and other memorabilia? The answer is nothing. There is no difference. This leads me to believe that the people who mock really do not understand what Star Trek is about.

Every Trekkie has their own perspective on the subject but they are all similar in some respects.

To me, Star Trek is not just a TV show. It is a way of life. It tells us of a future where the people of the Earth are united in peace, freedom and equality. It tells us that no matter who we are, what our abilities are, our gender, our age, height, weight, skin colour, religion and anything that currently divides us, we are all equal. No one is better than anyone else and no matter what, if you believe in yourself you can accomplish many things. Trek also teaches us that life comes in many forms and that we should appreciate the wonderful variety. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

With all the crap going on in the world it is a light in the darkness. It’s something to turn to when you feel life is too much.

I’ve made many amazing friends because of Star Trek and the many events I have attended over the years, some are regular Trekkies like me and some are those amazing people both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes that made the show possible.

At this time of celebration for us I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being a friend (even if we never see each other except at cons) and if you are one of the amazing people that helped the show to be what it is an even bigger thank you!

Enjoy the 50th and Live Long and Prosper to you all!

August 2016~ Thunderbirds 65


Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s TV Show Thunderbirds, first aired in 1965. It follows the exploits of International Rescue (IR), a life-saving organisation equipped with technologically-advanced land, sea, air and space rescue craft; these are headed by a fleet of five vehicles named the Thunderbirds and launched from IR’s secret base in the Pacific Ocean. The main characters are ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, the founder of IR, and his five adult sons, who pilot the Thunderbird machines.


32 hour-long stories were created and aired in 30 minute episodes. Like the other Supermarionation shows (Fireball XL5, Joe 90, Captain Scarlett) it garnered a cult following. Years later, after two feature-length films. a live-action movie (2004) a stage show and two animated series’, Thunderbirds would go back to its roots with three episodes made the very same way that the originals were 50 years previously.

A Thunderbirds Mini-Album was released on vinyl (Remember those?) for those fans who wanted more. Most mini-albums contained soundtracks and not much more, but one in particular contained three stories that had been written and recorded for vinyl release only and up until now had never been seen on screen.

In early 2015, a group including Stephen La Rivière, ITV and members of the Gerry Anderson estate got together to decide the best way to celebrate the shows’ 50th anniversary. They came up with the idea of turning the three episodes (Introducing the Thunderbirds, The Abominable Snowman, The Stately Homes Robberies) in actual episodes using the same techniques used 50 years previous. Models were built from scratch as were new puppets. One of the original directors was brought on board and the project was backed via Kickstarter.

The premiere of these episodes took place on Wednesday 17th August at The BFI in London’s Southbank. Thanks to my mate David, I was able to get tickets to take my nephew Charlie who is a massive fan.


We watched the episodes which were amazing. It was just like watching one of the originals. Afterwards, there was a Q&A session with the creators. David Graham, who did the voices for Parker and Brains was in attendance. Charlie loves Parker and my mate David knows David Graham so they were able to meet. Charlie was very starstruck, especially when David did the Parker voice and told Charlie that he had made his evening as it’s not often he meets new, quite young fans.

It was a great evening, one we will never forget! Thanks again David!

March 2016~ Game of Thrones Blu-Ray Launch

My mate Mags and I were lucky enough to get tickets for the launch event of the Game of Thrones Season 5 Blu-Ray/DVD. It took place in the Impact Screen of London’s famous Empire Leicester Square Cinema.

Having been to one or two of these before, I thought it would be nothing more than a private screening. I was wrong.

HBO had gone all-out for the launch, with red carpet, security, the full works. A number of celebs were also in attendance.

After receiving our wristbands we found our seats (and complimentary snacks) and got ready for the screening.

HBO had remastered the eight episode of the season ‘Hardhome’ which involves a huge battle scene. It was great to see it on the big screen!

After the screening there was a Q&A session with Daniel Portman (Podric Payne) and Ben Crompton (Eddison Tollett) which was very interesting and informative.

On the way out I managed to ‘acquire’ two GoT poster boards for my collection…