September 2018~ An Evening With Anthony Daniels

An Evening with Anthony Daniels took place at The Chickenshed Theatre on Saturday 8th September 2018. It was a charity event with all funds raised going to Chickenshed.


The evening began with Anthony retelling the story of how he got the part of C-3PO, after initially turning down a request by ‘some American’ filmmaker. He went on to talk about how the costume was made, the problems he encountered and the improvements made of the years.


The evening continued in such a fashion with Anthony telling stories from his time on all the Star Wars films as well as discussion on spin-offs such as the animated show ‘Droids’, an anti-smoking commercial he wrote and more recent activities such as the Star Wars LEGO cartoons. There was also some discussion on merchandise including some very strange items! The whole evening was accompanied by behind the scenes images and videos. Some never seen before.


There was a lot of audience interaction and the evening ended with a raffle, autograph session and photo opportunity. All proceeds again went to Chickenshed.


Limited edition large-size trading cards were sold for £5 each and it was these that Anthony signed. Only 200 were made and luckily for me not everyone wanted one so I was able to buy extra for my brother and nephews.


May 2018~ Solo: A Star Wars Story


Solo: A Star Wars Story is the second stand-alone movie to be released as part of the expanded SW universe, the first being Rogue One.

The film is set 10-15 years prior to the events of the first Star Wars film and tells the story of a young Han Solo and how he escaped his home planet of Corellia, met up with Chewbacca, won the Millennium Falcon and became the legend we all know.


The film suffered a few setbacks, namely a change in director as Lucasfilm felt that the original directors were turning it into too much of a comedy. Ron Howard was brought in to fix it and did an outstanding job!


If you are expecting a traditional Star Wars film then you are in for a shock and a pleasent surprise at the same time. The best way I can describe it is Star Wars meets The Italian Job. There is just enough comedy without going OTT and the story is fun. Its not mind-altering but a good, fun romp with enough easter eggs (35 at last count I believe) to keep the most ardent Star Wars fan happy.


Alden Ehrenreich had big shoes to fill as the young Han and he did an amazing job. He didn’t try to copy Harrison Ford but got just enough of Han’s quirks/mannerisms down pat and managed to make the character his own.


Donald Glover was awesome as the younger Lando Calrissian. He brought an air of sophistication and cockiness to the role made famous by Billy Dee Williams.


Emilia Clarke stood out as brand new character Qi’ra, Han’s childhood friend from Corellia. No spoilers, but for me she was the most interesting character with the most development. Not JUST because its Emilia as some of my friends would have you believe!


Ignore the critics! They’ve never liked Star Wars. Go with your head and heart open and enjoy the film as its a great little addition to the Star Wars universe!!

PS: If you go to Odeon you can pick up an awesome set of Sabacc-style character cards!

2018-06-02 20.43.21

December 2017~ The Last Jedi

I’ve managed to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi quite a few times since release. The film has divided the Star Wars fanbase. The Force Awakens was criticised for being too similar to past movies. Director Rian Johnson dared to go where no one has gone before and actually make a film that was very different from the rest. Sure, it had the things we expect from a Star Wars film such as space battles, lightsaber fights, droids etc. But the direction he took for some of the characters upset many fans.

I want to address just a few key points.

Beware: Spoilers below photo.


  1. Snoke- For me, it was good to see that Snoke was not that important to the storyline, otherwise he would just be a rehash of the Emperor/Darth Sidious. We also finally get to see an apprentice kill his master which is typical of the Sith.
  2. Leia- This is Carrie’s final performance as Leia due to her untimely death. I enjoyed watching Leia prepare Poe for leadership and hope for a fitting ending for Leia. Many people are upset by the Mary Poppins scene where Leia is blown out into space and survives by using the force to pull herself back to the ship. This isn’t the first time this has been used. Kanan and Plo-Koon (I think?) both used this skill and although Leia isn’t a Jedi, she is force sensitive and a Skywalker.
  3. Porgs- I have no issue with Porgs. They were a great solution to the problem of trying to digitally remove the thousands of puffins that inhabit Skellig Michael. Plus they were great comic relief!
  4. Canto Bight- Many people hated this. I don’t understand why. It showed the disparity in the Star Wars galaxy between the poor, downtrodden citizens and those that are profiting from the conflict itself. A situation true to most wars I would imagine.
  5. Luke- This was the best end for Luke. No longer was he the naive young farmboy, or the slightly cocky wannabe Jedi or the Jedi Knight he became in RotJ. He saw the truth that was the arrogance of the Jedi Order. He failed his own padawan (in his eyes) by believing he was too weak to resist the dark side. Like Yoda and others before him, he went into exile, withdrawing from the Force. Only when Rey appeared did he begin to doubt everything he had done. He was torn between believing that the Jedi needed to end and helping his twin sister. In our world where mental health has such a huge focus this was a good way to show that everyone, including powerful Jedi masters, are susceptible to issues such as depression and low self-confidence.

Anyway, that’s my take on it. I loved the film and can’t wait for Episode IX and the Han Solo movie. Roll on May 25th!

September 2017~ Star Wars: From A Certain Point Of View

If you consider yourself to be a serious Star Wars fan, not just the films, but the EU and everything that goes along with it, then you should buy the new book ‘From a certain point of view- 40 stories celebrating 40 years of Star Wars’. I’ve only read 6 stories so far and I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and I’ve spat coffee over my keyboard…


It consists of 40 short stories based on background characters in the original 1977 movie.

Some are hilarious and some are real tear-jerkers. For example: the first is a story called Raymus. Written by Gary Whitta (Rogue One writer) that bridges the short gap between the end of Rogue One and the first few minutes of A New Hope. All told from the point of view of Captain Raymus Antilles. Wil Wheaton has also written one called ‘Laina’. A moving story about Rebel Soldiers left behind on Yavin IV.

Check it out. I’ve yet to be disappointed by it!

September 2017~ London Film Convention

These events have been taking place for 45 years now. Located in the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, it used to be a place where collectors and dealers of all kinds of film and TV memorabilia would gather to sell, exchange and browse a variety of merchandise. I first began attending in 1989 and made some very good friends at this event.

The organisers began inviting guest signers from the world of TV and film so meet fans, sign autographs etc. and this proved quite popular. Personally I think it was a good idea though not everyone agrees with me. Shortly afterwards, the ownership of the event changed hands and the new owner began making changes.

I hadn’t been to an event for about 18 months, but was drawn to this one because of some of the guests they had signing. The normal event hours are 10am to 5pm and it only used to cost a few quid to get in. For a couple of quid extra, you could buy an early bird ticket which allowed entry from 8am. I was shocked to find out that the current owner had increased the price to £20 for early bird. I was chatting to other people in the line to get in and they were equally disgusted, not only with the price but the current owner.

Whilst waiting in line outside, Anita Harris (of Carry On fame) came by and was chatting to fans and they were taking her picture- not with them, just her. The current owner came out, grabbed her by the arm and marched her inside, all the while telling her off saying “Don’t stand there letting them get free photos. The can pay for them”. Disgusting behaviour from this man.

Once I got inside I could not believe what I saw. Everything was packed in so tight it was uncomfortable. The two-part hall had dealers on one side with guests (and a few dealers) on the other. There wasn’t a great range of dealers as there were in the old days, and the quality of stuff being sold was shocking in some cases.

I did manage to catch up with my mate Mark and his dad Tony on his stall which was good. Guest wise I was happy to meet Wolf Kahler who appeared in many films, most notably Raiders of the Lost Ar and the more recent Wonder Woman. I also met the awesome Jack Klaff who was Red 4 in the original Star Wars and was also a Bond villain among other things. Finally, I got to meet Robert Watts who was Production Manager/Producer on 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Empire Strikes Back.

I have since heard that the event is changing ownership and I can’t wait. Hopefully it will get back to what it once was and that the current owner leaves…

August 2017~ Trek-On!

Trek-On! was a Sci-Fi one-day convention organised by the guys who produce the TrekMate Podcast. It took place on Saturday 19th August 2017 at The Rudolf Steiner School in King’s Landing Langley.

I. along with a few other people from FCD Events was asked to help crew the event. Initially there were 14 guests, mostly from Star Wars. The headline guest was Max Grodénchik who played Rom in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine who had come over especially for the event on his way home from the big Trek con in Las Vegas. After setting up the venue on the Friday night, most of the team met up with Max at a local carvery, which was a first for him and his family.


The event had everything you need for a good con. It had a good amount of guests. Plenty of dealers plus other activities such as a Jedi Fight Academy run by Andrew Lawden, one of the guests, who was Liam Neeson’s fight stand-in in Star Wars Ep 1: The Phantom Menace, a table-top gaming area plus a console gaming area. There were also props on display from Back to the Future, courtesy of The Hill Valley Preservation Society. A screen accurate DeLorean was outside the venue and you were able to have your photo taken inside it. In Hall 2 (where the guests were situated) you were also able to have a professional photoshoot with the guests. A variety of talks by the guests had also been planned, hosted by the man of many voices, Mr Contalk himself, Neil Green!

When I crew cons for FCD, I am part of the management team and normally manage an area but with this event I had asked to do something simple like helping to look after a guest or two. This request was honoured, but due to a shortage of staff I ended up looking after quite a few!

The crew of the USS Merlin, a Region 20 Chapter of Starfleet International, the world’s biggest Star Trek fanclub were present, with RAdm Richard Sams in command. He was there to present Max Grodénchik with his member pack after he joined the USS Alba, a Scotland-based chapter.


Although there was a lot on offer, sadly attendee turnout was low. From the point of view of the organisers, it was upsetting to say the least. It hasn’t put them off and they are going to try again in the future. But, from the point of view as a collector/fan it was good for me as I got to spend a lot of time with the guests, chatting about their time on various films.

The majority of guests were what are commonly known as ‘extras’. Personally, I hate that term as I think it totally devalues their role in film/tv. I prefer ‘Background Actor/Artist’. Most of these people are trained actors. Yes, they don’t speak on screen and if they do it has to be less than 13 words (in the UK at least) otherwise they get paid more and get a screen credit. Theirs is an important role. When talking to people about this topic, I always ask them to think of an important scene in a film and then imagine that scene with all the background actors removed. For example, look at the scene below. It’s the medal ceremony from the original Star Wars film. How boring would it look and how much less of an impact would it have if it was just Luke, Han and Chewie with Leia giving out the medals? It would look nowhere near as effective.

For some, this is their life’s work and they have worked on many famous films and TV shows and worked with many big celebrities. These folks have helped make some of the biggest films what they are today and to devalue their work would be an insult and a disservice to them.

We were lucky enough to have quite a few ‘extras’ at the event. I’ve been waiting to meet a good few of them over the past few years.

First there was Alan Tomkins. Alan has been Art Director on a number of blockbuster films, including The Empire Strikes Back, Batman Begins, numerous Bond films and war films such as ‘A Bridge Too Far’. I was eager to meet him for his work on Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was interesting to hear his stories of working on the film including how Kubrick made his life hell by constantly wanting the pod bay of the Discovery-One re-dressed.


The there was Alan Austen. Alan has done a number of films but his main role for me was as the Stormtrooper who put Han Solo in the carbon freeze in The Empire Strikes Back.

Alan Austen

Derek Lyons has been in a number of my favourite films and had multiple roles in each. He was a German soldier in two Indiana Jones films, has appeared in multiple Bond films and had three roles in Flash Gordon. It was great to hear stories from both him and Alan. I met Derek because of his 3 roles in the original Star Wars. He was a Rebel Honour Guard, a Rebel Pilot in the briefing room scene and finally Lt. Voren Na’al, medal bearer at the award ceremony.

Derek Lyons

Like Derek and Alan, Nick Joseph has had a varied career, appearing in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and many episodes of the classic Doctor Who. Nick portrayed Major Arhul Hextrophon during the medal ceremony in the original Star Wars. Nick was a pleasure to speak to.

Nick Joseph

Next was Tina Simmons. Tina has done lots of background work, most recently in Transformers: The Last Knight and Doctor Strange. Tina played a Rebel Technician during the briefing room scene in Return of the Jedi. I know someone else who was in that exact same scene and stood only meters from Tina. If only I could convince him to do cons too? Great talking to her as well!

Tina Simmons

Harry Fielder was a pleasant surprise. Harry has had a near-40 year career as a background actor, appearing in hundreds of TV shows and films. His first being an episode of ‘The Saint’ with Roger Moore. Harry used to be very popular on the Star Wars con circuit, but due to ill health he hasn’t done an event for a while. Luckily, he lives a couple of miles from the venue so came down to sign. The man has so many stories, it’s amazing. I had no chance of hearing them all so I bought his book. Harry played Corporal Grenwick in the original Star Wars. He was in multiple scenes but is best known for helping Darth Vader with Princess Leia’s interrogation and being shot by Han Solo when they attacked the detention block. I’m glad I got to meet him!


Finally, there was Sandeep Mohan. Sandeep has played many roles including being an MI-5 agent in Skyfall and a surgeon in Dr Strange. For me, he is best known as a Scarif Trooper in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and a First Order Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens. In TFA he appeared in two standout scenes: He was the trooper that manhandled Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow) and the trooper that stopped his partner and made them back away when Kylo Ren was having his tantrum.

Sandeep Mohan

It was a great pleasure talking to all these guests and I wish Wayne and Jude all success in the future with any events they put on. There is so much potential there.



May 2017 ~ Disney Ways Of The Force Day

Disney Stores across the UK announced that the May Day Bank Holiday weekend would be Star Wars Weekend in the majority of their stores.

Most of their Star Wars products would be on sale at 50% off and there would be activities for kids in-store as well as members of the UK Garrison/501st Cosplayers present as well.

I took my niece and nephews to the Westfield London store and they had an amazing time (and spent a small fortune- my own fault!). They bought a number of Star Wars items, had fun with the Stormtroopers and took part in Jedi Training which involved learning the Jedi mind trick, how to use a Lightsaber and then helping to blow up the Death Star. At the end they were given a medal.

It was an awesome little event and I hope now that Disney own Star Wars, they do something similar every year!