May 2011~ Starfury Invasion

It had been almost 3 years since the last Starfury event. Invasion was to be another BSG event but would also incorporate the spin-off prequel, Caprica.

Yet again it was another fun-filled weekend and Sean pulled out all the stops. I just wish his core group of volunteers were not so cliquee. Can be quite nasty at times. But, apart from that I had a great time. I even managed to crack a joke during the photoshoot that made Aaron Douglas roar with laughter.

The guests were: Aaron Douglas and Bodie Olmos of BSG, Alessandra Toressani of Caprica and Terri Farrell, JG Hertzler and Martha Hackett of Star Trek.

December 2008~ Battlestar Starfury

I hadn’t attended a Starfury event for a while, but found out about this one which was happening at a hotel by Heathrow Airport, so I booked a hotel rather than travel there and back each night!

The first night was the opening ceremony. The main headline guest had cancelled and they had a suprise, last minute replacement. The guests were all from Battlestar Galactica. One by one they came onto the stage.

Tahmoh Penikett, James Callis, Nicki Clyne, Mark Sheppard, Jennifer Halley, Michelle Forbes and the surprise guest, Katee Sackhoff! An amazing line-up.

Over the weekend I attended lots of talks by the cast, had photoshoots with all of them, went to the parties and the costume contest. It was a blast. The talks were revealing, informative, rude and downright hilarious! One of the best events ever.