June 2015- Collectormania 23

It was back to Stadium:MK for what many people believe to be the last Collectormania in MK. To be honest, I’m kinda glad. Personally, I don’t think the stadium is suitable. For the first time in a while I had my brother and his family with me. He is disabled and had great difficulty in getting around and with the photoshoots upstairs he was even more put off.

Whilst I managed to see a few guests and get some signatures on my various canvases, for me, the most fun was had watching my niece and nephews in costume. My nephew Charlie was dressed as Darth Vader, and once he had the mask on he thought he ruled the place. Even England footballer Jack Charlton had to get out of his way. My niece Jessica was dressed as Elsa and loved seeing the other Frozen cosplayers. Little Lewis was dressed as Captain America and flatly refused to have his photo taken with a rather attractive Agent Carter cosplayer. Will have to teach him!!

The rain, the building works and the incompetence of Stadium:MK staff led to a not so pleasant time for my brother and the family. CM:MK needs a rethink!

April 2013- Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode filming

Woke up one morning during the Easter break. Logged on to a Doctor Who forum to find they were filming in Trafalgar Square so I grabbed my camera and off I went…I got dressed first of course!

When I arrived the area was packed but I managed to get up close and get lots of pictures. Can’t tell much about the story as it was one scene they shot over and over again. Photos below.

July 2006~ LFCC

Not many guests that I wanted to meet this time around. John Barrowman from Dr Who was just starting a new show called Torchwood. He was friendly but quiet and very tight-lipped about the project.

I then met Gates McFadden of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was very disappointed. She was not busy and hardly said a word. I found out afterwards that she wasn’t well.

I also met Shaun Dingwall who played Pete Tyler in Dr Who.



June 1990~ Doctor Who Guilford Con

My first proper convention was a Doctor Who con in Guilford.

I had booked tickets for my younger brother and I a few weeks before.

The week before the con my brother broke his wrist and was in a cast. We were still determined to go.

We set off early to Guilford, and eventually found our way to the school where it was being held. We queued for a while to get in, and, once in began to look around the prop exhibition.

We were excited to be there as Frazer Hines (Jamie) and Sophie Aldred (Ace) were there and would be doing a talk and autographs etc.

It was  then that trouble started. My brothers arm began to swell and he was in pain. We decided to leave early and head home. The organisers were kind enough to let us meet Sophie Aldred first and grab a quick picture.

Sophie Aldred